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Prague - how to find us

It is in fact quite easy. Our meeting place is in the center of town. The street "Na Poříčí" is well known. (Don't even try to pronounce it. The correct written form, in case we have browser coding trouble is: picture of the text). Any hotel receptionist can point you in the right direction.

Take the Metro to station "Namesti Republiky" (it is on line b, the yellow line)

CAREFUL! This station has two main exits: "Namesti Republiky" and "Mararykovo Nadrazi". Both of these exits are on the map and the meeting place is roughly between them on Na Porici street 16.

Look for the AA sign on the street. The entrance is inside the courtyard. There is another big sign in the courtyard. If the door is locked, ring the bell marked AA. There are 3 meeting rooms all downstairs in the basement, so if people are speaking the wrong language in the room you re in try across the hall.

A hint: Follow the tram lines.
Alternately take tram 3, 5, 8, 14, 24, or 26 to either "Namesti Republiky" or "Mararykovo Nadrazi".